Stress: Why Do People Have It, How It Endangers The Body and How You Can Take Back Your Life (Part 1)

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Stress… many folks have it and it’s quite normal to experience. Stress can keep your alert and aware of your…

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down: Healthy Careers Can Help You To Live A Healthy Long Life

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There are many different occupations in the world – lawyer, garbage man, doctor, just to name a few. However, did…

Why Oil Sanctions Are A Bane To The Human Race and How Alternative Energy Sources Can Reduce The Dependence On Oil

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It seems that every time you turn on the television to watch the news, the price of a barrel of…

Smoking: Why People Do It, Why You Should Quit and How You Can Kick The Habit

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Have you been a long-time smoker? Have you tried quitting, only to fail… for whatever reason? There is no doubt…

6 Types Of Foods That Can Help Keep The Brain Young

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You’re probably used to people telling you that some foods are better at improving your memory over others. However, you…

What To Do When You Get Sick?

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Doctors tend to treat respiratory diseases with antibiotics even for viral infections. However, antibiotics do not work on viral infections….

Four vegetarian myths debunked: Several reasons why it’s okay to consume meat in your daily diet

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More and more people, in the last several decades, have turned to a popular way of consuming food known as…

Is the world too dependent on oil: Why the world needs an alternative energy source?

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Have you ever wondered how dependent the world is on oil? No doubt you have heard that the planet has…

Why quitting can be bad: Short-term and long-term smoking can cause serious mayhem within the brain

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Smoking… it’s a nasty and dangerous habit and everybody, smokers and non-smokers, are at risk for smoking-related diseases. And, there…

Is store bought milk good for you and your family?

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Today, most folks have access to only the homogenized industrial-processed milk. But, if you do a search on the Internet…