Is store bought milk good for you and your family?

by matej on January 8, 2012 · 1 comment

Today, most folks have access to only the homogenized industrial-processed milk. But, if you do a search on the Internet about milk consumption, you’ll find an array of articles that warn folks why they should not drink the homogenized industrial-processed milk.

Processed Milk Is Unhealthy For Modern Society

Milk, which occurs naturally in nature, is the most complete food. However, the processing it undergoes changes the milk into a killer that slowly clogs the arteries. Today’s modern society is unable to obtain unprocessed milk easily and most folks don’t know that the store-bought, industrial processed milk is bad for them.

Thousands of years, people drank milk for its health source for both children and adults. However, today’s homogenized milk makes it a foundation for disease. The homogenization process is rather perfect.

Why Homogenized Milk Is Unhealthy To Drink

There’s nothing added to milk; but, the fat that used to protect the natural membrane to keep casein from binding with fat now absorbs casein. Unfortunately, the human body cannot digest the new mixture, which is why some of it is expelled while the other part is absorbed into the arteries’ walls.

This explains why your body cannot get its calcium from homogenized milk. You also need to consider the xanthine-oxidase enzyme, which is found inside fat droplets. The enzyme is utilized for steady dilapidation of the protein part of the membrane that protects the fatty droplets. Since the fat cells membrane is eliminated by the homogenization process, the enzyme begins to act on the human tissues, which results in damage.

Homogenized milk… it’s the biggest fraud of all time. Don’t agree? Look at the packaging of your store-bought milk. Read what it says: natural fresh milk. It’s supposed to give your children and you plenty of calcium and protein to ensure healthy bones and growth but the reality is that it doesn’t.

Believe it or not, homogenized milk isn’t really healthy. Rather, it’s a shell for yeast to breed. And, it doesn’t even taste as good as natural milk. If you want strong, healthy bones, you must locate a natural source of unprocessed milk. Should you not find this, it’s best to skip out on the milk altogether.

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