Don’t Just Live With It: What You Need To Do To Fix Your Back and Neck Pain (Part 2 of 2)

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Now that you understand what causes back and neck pain, it’s time to learn what can do to stop your suffering with it all. Bear in mind you already know that getting exercise and correctly lifting and bending are two ways to alleviate the pain. But, what does that mean about posture?! Posture is everything when it comes to your back and neck pain.

A Look At The Different Postures and What You Should Be Doing Instead

Posture 1 – Arching When You’re Standing and Carrying Something

When you allow your back to sway, it causes the upper body’s weight to press down on your lower back. When you have a sway back, it’s because you have bad posture. The condition, also known as lordosis, is a learned condition, not a hereditary condition. If you have spondylolisthesis, which causes one back bone to fall forward onto the next bone, it will add to the arching.  Thus, you should not be slouching as much as possible.

Keep in mind that each magazine from fitness to fashion has picture that have people standing with their back arched and their behind stick out or drooping forward. What you should know is that none of this is good – it’s all bad posture! Don’t do it!

What should you be doing instead? You need to decrease the large curve in the lower back. Slightly tuck under the hips under you without pushing them forward. You don’t want to curl your upper frame forward.  Use the muscles to straighten the spine enough so that you stand with a bit of an inward lower back curve and good standing posture.  You don’t want to have your neck craned forward and your butt to stick out.

When you’re carrying something, you don’t want to lean back, hike your body or hunch forward. Rather, use your muscles when carrying things.

Posture 2 – Forward Head

When you stand and sit with both your chin and head forward, it’s known as forward head. The look is old and often contributes to the majority of neck and back pain as well as causes tension headaches. Are you always letting your head all forward when you walk and carry something? What about this moment? How is your head leaning right now?

How should you be holding your head? You want to gently and easily pull in your chin. You don’t want it to hurt. Be sure the chin-in is a part of your daily posture, not some exercise you do every day for a short time. Lie down on the floor with no pillow or stand with the back of your head and back against a wall. If you cannot do either one of these moves without hurting, then you’re too tight.

What you can do is hold up both your arms, bending them at the elbows like you are a stick up. Don’t allow your back to arch. Pull back your elbows one at a time. Be sure to use a wall to help you. This will allow you to stretch your chest to help you stand with better upper body and head posture. Do this stretch several times during the day.

Bad Posture 3 – Round Back

When your shoulders and back are rounded forward, it means you have bad posture.  When you walk with your shoulders and back hunched forward, carrying something, it’s even worse. Don’t slouch when you sit, bend or stand, it causes your back to excessively curve. In time, it’ll cause the discs to push outward.  It causes the long ligament that runs down the spine to overstretch, weakening the back, causing more discs to protrude.

What should you be doing? Be sure you stand and sit up straight. Use the chest stretch method to assist you in standing up straight. When you carry something, be sure you use the torso muscles to assist you. You don’t want the item you are carrying to cause you to slouch.

What does it all mean? It means posture is imperative to the health of your back and neck. Yes, back pain will come and go and people will try whatever means possible to stop their back pain. However, if you know and use the simple mechanics of proper posture, you don’t have to use the strange and unusual relief techniques. Be sure you get regular exercise, eat right and ensure you have proper posture to keep your back and neck healthy.

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