3 Key Reasons People Suffer With Back and Neck Problems On A Regular Basis (Part 1 of 2)

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Do you suffer with neck and back pain often? If you do, then you know how debilitating it can be to your life. When you have back and neck pain, it keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest. After all, you’re concentrating on the pain and not on life. But, there’s no reason for you to suffer in these areas at all! With some helpful tips, you can keep the pain at bay in these regions and fix them when they do occur so that you can enjoy your life like you should be doing.

Why Back and Neck Pain Occurs: It All Comes Down To Posture

It’s important, before you know how to stop back and neck pain, to learn why it occurs in the first place. Did you know that most back and neck pain is cumulative without you even realizing it? Even if the pain is sudden or begins after an accident, the pain actually began from some simple bad habits you had (or have). What you need to do is identify what the abusive patterns are – bad sitting, bending and standing and weak, tight muscles – and quit doing them. For instance, look at your posture!

This tends to be the basis of the majority of back pain because you’re using the mechanics of your body wrong by always degenerating, injuring, squashing, straining and tearing it. All of this results in the early onslaught of wear and tear to your body.

And, here’s the kicker: Most folks won’t stand right despite the fact that they know it’ll fix most, if not all, of their pain. Why is that though? For three reasons, they don’t fix what can be fixed:

  1. They hate the idea. After all, slouching is so much easier to do then using the body’s muscles to support it.
  2. It’s unnatural to stand right. Most folks are weak and tight, which means they cannot stand right. Stand against a wall with your hips, heels, back of the head and upper back touching without arching the back or raising the chin. Can you do this? If not, then it means you’re too tight and weak. Tight, weak muscles means you’ll automatically slouch, which will further tighten and weaken the muscles.
  3. It’s normal and desirable. What more can be said about this? What is normal about slouching all the time?

It’s Not Just Posture Though: Bad Lifting and Bending

Besides posture, the constantly bad bending and lifting you do will take a toll on your neck and back and cause you undue pain. How many times have you heard you should not lift heavy items (or even light ones) by behind at the waist? Still, you do it over and over – from picking up your socks to reaching for the milk in the refrigerator.

The reason this is so bad is that the weight from your upper body is constantly hanging on the lower back and its discs, which will puts strain on it. Imagine going to the gym and lifting weights in the same manner. It’s not real wonder why your back is in pain. When you forward bend, it places pressure on the discs like a water balloon. When it pushes back out, it causes the discs to herniate, which then presses on the nerves and sends pain down your leg. When you have tight muscles, the same nerves feel the pain but this is called sciatica. Stop the terrible habit of bending and lifting wrong and you’ll stop the pain in time.

Physical Inactivity Leads To Back and Neck Pain

When you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you’re just asking for back pain. The reason is that the lack of activity causes the physical body and posture to deteriorate and causes calcium to be lost. When you have tight, weak muscles, inactivity causes them to become even more tight and weak. Joints with poor blood supply will continue to have poor blood supply with the lack of activity. Thus, you need to be moving on a frequent basis to keep up the health of your discs and spine.

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